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Globelite Travel Marketing Inc. is a leading North American print and digital publishing company with offices in Toronto, Florida and California, specializing in magazine and guides publishing in the travel and tourism sectors.

Globelite Travel Marketing Inc

Our Award-winning Travel Publications

Dreamscapes Magazine

Since its launch in 1996, DREAMSCAPES TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE has been a highly valued leisure publication in the Canadian consumer market that delivers travel and lifestyle content to a high net worth audience of frequent travellers. The Editorial is overseen by an accomplished, award-winning editor, and is written by a team of experienced travel writers. Each issue strives to showcase a segment in the world of travel with the ultimate goal: to inspire travel. Discover detailed information from short travel notes to broader, longer features. As the only independently owned travel publication in Canada to be circulated across the country through a controlled subscription reaching all subscribers of The Globe and Mail newspaper, and to frequent fliers living in Canada’s largest metropolitan city of Toronto through the Toronto Star print circulation, DREAMSCAPES is fully audited, giving advertisers a strong print publication with a unique target audience.

Travel Guide to California

THE TRAVEL GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA targets domestic and international travelers interested in visiting the state. Published annually and focused on reaching these qualified travelers when they are looking for vacation ideas, The Travel Guide to California provides readers the roadmap to discover the Golden State. Created to inspire and guide travelers, the Guide provides an energetic and stylish take on what California offers. The Travel Guide to California combines evocative writing and superior photography, highlighting California’s 12 tourism regions. Editorial sections are devoted to many of California’s tourism themes including Arts and Culture | Food and Wine | Sports and Outdoors | Shopping | Theme Parks | Road Trips | Performing Arts | State & National Parks | Architecture & Gardens | Spas & Wellness. Our targeted reach, combined with print, digital and online distribution makes participation in this guide an excellent return on your investment.

Travel Guide to Florida

TRAVEL GUIDE TO FLORIDA is a high quality, perfect-bound magazine. It is published annually and is a road map to the Sunshine State and its abundant merits as a vacation destination. Aimed at both the American domestic market and the Canadian market, it is filled from cover to cover with stimulating and informative feature stories written by some of Florida’s top travel writers. Created to inspire and guide travelers, it covers each of Florida’s eight distinctive regions together with a selection of special features on topics such as family vacations, beaches, art and culture, ecotourism, sports and theme parks. All stories are supported by high-quality, eye-catching photography. 

Travel Guide to Canada

THE TRAVEL GUIDE TO CANADA is published annually by Globelite Travel Marketing Inc. and offers both print and digital versions to satisfy current trends in information distribution. This high-quality magazine offers detailed editorial with current information on Canada’s tourism industry. The Travel Guide to Canada is available in retail locations throughout the USA and Canada and can be ordered online on Google Play, the Apple Store and PressReader.com. Globelite Travel Marketing Inc. has, for over 20 highly successful years, worked closely with Canada’s destination and tourism industry partners to provide this professional source of travel information on Canada. Each issue includes DETAILED EDITORIAL SECTIONS on Canada’s Provinces and Territories |  INFORMATION on major industry sectors, specialty travel, adventure travel, culture and heritage | HELPFUL RECOMMENDATIONS about tourism products and destinations.

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