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Explore Tulare County’s forests and farms, experience the diverse local history and taste the fruits from the most productive agricultural land on Earth

by denise England

Tulare County is a diverse and beautiful destination that offers visitors a range of activities and experiences. With stunning natural wonders such as Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, rich agricultural heritage, multicultural history and family-friendly attractions, Tulare County has something to offer every traveler. Whether seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences or family fun, this is a destination that should not be missed. Discover the wonders of Tulare County and make unforgettable memories.

Adventure and Relaxation

This wilderness wonderland offers a range of outdoor recreational activities and gorgeous natural beauty. Enjoy leisurely and accessible walks amongst giant sequoia groves in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, backcountry hiking through the Golden Trout Wilderness and Mineral King, climbing Mt. Whitney—the tallest peak in the contiguous U.S., camping amongst the giant sequoias at Balch Park, whitewater rafting on the Kaweah River and paddle boarding or renting a houseboat at Lake Kaweah. Hike through towering forests, climb mountains, see some of the largest trees in the world, fish in alpine lakes and rivers and enjoy spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada. Pack station outfitters also offer guided pack trips for a unique and immersive wilderness experience.

Agricultural Tourism

An agricultural powerhouse that is home to some of the most productive farmland in the world, Tulare County produces a diverse range of crops, including milk production, fruits, nuts, vegetables and livestock. It is particularly known for its dairy industry, being the top milk-producing county in the U.S. Agriculture is a significant contributor to the local economy, and visitors can experience the region’s agricultural heritage through farm tours, farmers’ markets and roadside fruit stands nestled among producing orchards.

Multicultural Local History

Tulare County has a rich multicultural history, with significant contributions from Native American tribes, Hispanic settlers and European immigrants. The region’s history is preserved through museums, historic landmarks and cultural events. Explore the heritage of the Yokuts and Tule River tribes, learn about the Spanish missions and discover the impact of pi-oneers such as John Muir and Colonel Allensworth. The diverse history is a sig-nificant part of the region’s identity and offers a unique glimpse into the traditions that have shaped the area.

Family Fun

There are a range of family-friendly activities. Visitors can explore the natural wonders of Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, take a scenic drive through the countryside or enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and fishing. Local attractions such as the Tulare County Fair, the Visalia Adventure Park or the ImagineU Children’s Museum are also a draw. Additionally, the region offers a variety of cultural events, festivals and farmers’ markets to experience the local community’s vibrant spirit. Tulare County has something for every family member to enjoy.


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